Current Members

Xianhua Piao MD, PhD

Principal Investigator

Diankun Yu PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Brian Chiou PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Tao Li PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Beika Zhu PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dario Tejera

Postdoctoral Fellow

Priya Kishore BS

Staff Research Associate

Khalida Sabeur PhD

Lab Manager

Emily Stieren MD,PhD

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Samhita Jain MD

Clinical Fellow, Neonatology

Caitlyn Oak BS

Staff Research Associate

Lab Pictures

Former Members

Years in Lab Name Former Position Current Position
2016-2017 Nicholas D'Alessandro Research Assistant Research Assistant, Boston Children's Hospital
2016-2017 Fotios Spyropoulos Clinical Fellow Clinical Fellow, Boston Children's Hospital
2016-2017 Jean-Christophe Delpech Postdoctoral Fellow
2015-2017 Tatsuhiro Koshi Research Assistant Masters Student in Computer Science, Cornell University
2015-2017 Paulomi Mehta Clinical Fellow Neonatalogist, Riley Hospital for Children, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Indianapolis, Indiana
2014-2016 Yanqin Ying Visiting Scientist Pediatrician, Tongji Hospital, Wuhan, China
2015-2016 Karan Malik Research Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
2014-2015 Mayumi Okamoto Postdoc Postdoc, Haydar Lab, Boston University School of Medicine
2014-2015 Juan Ma Visiting Scientist Physician and Associate Professor, Intensive Care Unit
Guangdong General Hospital, China
2014-2015 Yan Zhang Visiting Scientist Professor, Tianjin Medical Center Eye Hospital
Tianjin, China
2013-2014 Miaoyun Wen Visiting Student Physician, Intensive Care Unit
Guangdong General Hospital, China
2013-2014 Patricio Fuentes Postdoc Research Associate, Chile
2011-2012 Kathleen Singer Research Assistant Medical Student, Boston University School of Medicine
2009-2012 Sung-Jin Jeong Postdoc Principal Researcher/Director, Research Division/Brain Research Policy Center
Korea Brain Research Institute, Korea
2009-2011 Yiyu Deng Postdoc Physician and Associate Professor, Intensive Care Unit
Guangdong General Hospital, China
2008-2011 Natalie Strokes Research Assistant Medical Student
2009-2010 Hye Min Yang Medical Student Physician
2006-2010 Zhaohui Jin Postdoc Physician, Hematology, Iowa
2006-2009 Shihong Li Postdoc Physician, Radiology, Iowa
2007-2008 Emily Chen Research Assistant Physician
2005-2007 Lihong Bu Postdoc Physician, Anatomic and Clinic Pathology, California